Upper Falls Dance Academy

Dance classes serving the Baltimore area

Dance classes serving the Baltimore area

Dance classes serving the Baltimore areaDance classes serving the Baltimore area



Introduction to Dance

Introduction to Dance is for the beginning student between the ages of four and six years old. This class introduces the young child to musicality, simple floor patterns, partnering, mime coordination and strengthening exercises.

Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance syllabus)

Classical Ballet provides a gradual technical progression throughout the various age levels in the basic principals of ballet. It is the foundation for achieving body strength and body placement. Ballet equips the ongoing dancer with the knowledge and the control necessary to approach other dance forms and therefore is required of all students before any other dance form is attempted. Free movement is also incorporated with the classical work and exercises. Classes in Pointe, partnering, variations and performance are also offered under the directors discretion when the student is ready.


Jazz introduces the student to the elements of dance seen most often today on television and in live theater productions, musicals, and videos. Jazz is a versatile dance style and includes movements of African, Caribbean, lyrical, vaudeville and "street dancing." A variety of forms and music styles will be introduced to the student.


Tap is a form of dance used in broadway musicals and movies. This truly American dance form originated from clogging and became increasingly popular during the vaudeville area. Tap dance emphasizes the interpretation of rhythm and timing through sounds by the use of footwork.


Lyrical is designed to offer the student creative ways to express dramatic content to choreography by exploring alternative movements to technical steps. Jazz, Ballet, Modern, & Musical Theatre concepts are often intertwined.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy class exploring current styles of movement seen on TV and in music videos. This form of dance is usually performed to Hip Hop and R&B music.

Modern Dance

Modern Dance is the interplay of movement continually confronting gravity. It explores the full spectrum of movement that exists between freedom from gravity and complete subservience to its power through rise and fall movements, spiraling turns, earth-bound runs, suspension, and "off-balance" positioning.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre incorporates the talents of voice drama, and dance, which portrays or projects a certain character, image or time period for stage presentation.

Private Instruction

A student may request a private lesson on a regular or one time bases. This lesson must be scheduled by reservation, and notice of cancellation for any reason, other than sickness, is necessary at least one day in advance. Instructions will be given as the studio schedule permits.

Class Dress Requirements

An important aspect of dance discipline requires the uniformity of student dress in appropriate practice attire.

The proper dress not only enables freedom of movement and support, but also brings cohesion to the class and allows the instructor to observe the placement and muscular development of each participant.  

Full details are noted in the below download.

Class Dress Requirements (pdf)